If you're not ranking on the first page of Google for search terms related to your industry, then something is wrong and it is time to fix it. One of the skills that sets Shaw Creative apart is our extensive experience in search engine optimization (SEO). Having worked on campaigns from Fortune 500 sized companies down to small locally owned businesses, we know that every detail of SEO is critical to your business. We understand you have to rank in Google's search results or you are virtually invisible. Yet there are so many aspects of SEO from the extremely technical to the subjectively social, where do you start and what do you focus on? 

We have developed a simple process that we follow to make sure everything is covered.

 Key website factors for ranking successfully in Google search results.

Key website factors for ranking successfully in Google search results.


We Start with Your Company Brand and Positioning

The very first step in developing a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy is to understand what your brand is all about, how you fit into your marketplace, who your target audience is, and what the key messages are that you are trying to communicate. Some clients may already have this clearly defined, for others we work closely with you to develop your brand, positioning, and messaging. This step is the core from which all the SEO and marketing evolves.


Then We Do a Technical SEO Audit of Your Site

In this phase, we lift the hood, get our hands dirty, and do a complete technical audit of your existing web site. We look at many technical and structural issues to guarantee that your web site is optimized for Google's modern search algorithms. This includes a thorough audit of the following:

  • site architecture
  • site organization
  • link strategies
  • code structure
  • url structure
  • html title tags
  • html meta descriptions
  • duplicate page content
  • digital asset optimization
  • xml site map
  • measure server performance
  • robot.txt files
  • http vs https
  • error conditions like 404's


Establish the Baseline of Your Search Optimization

Knowing where you are is the first step in getting where you want to go. So it is with search optimization. We work with you to develop a clear understanding of where your SEO currently stands. If you have a new company there may be little to no SEO in place and essentially we are staring from scratch. For more established companies, there may be many years of existing SEO in place that needs to be taken into account.

  • Determine what keywords you currently rank for in Google and at what position.
  • Look at how you perform in searches both locally and nationally.
  • Breakdown your traffic by source, type, device, location, duration, bounce rate and many other factors to understand how visitors are interacting with your current web site.

In some cases, a company may have been penalized by Google for various spam tactics and actually needs to undo a lot of black-hat SEO tactics. By the way, we do not do any sort of Black-hat tactics, never have, never will.


We Identify Your Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

We believe that understanding what’s expected is key, so we work closely with you to determine what data points or KPI we are really trying to move. Is the purpose of the SEO program to create more traffic, generate more memberships, sell more products, get phone calls, create more awareness, etc. As we progress through the SEO planning stages, increasingly specific goals are developed to guide the success of the campaign.

And Measure Search Optimization with Accurate Tracking & Analytics

Setting up tracking and analytics is paramount to monitoring the progress and success of an SEO campaign. In this stage we make sure that Google Analytics, or other analytics tools, are correctly implemented throughout the site, and that the data is being captured and recorded as desired.



We Define Your Market's Search Language & Target Keywords

Before we can create content we need to clearly understand what type of people you want to attract to your website. Getting traffic is easy, getting the right traffic is difficult. For us it all starts with understanding the language your customers use to find your products or services. How do the search for you, where do they look, what information do they need from you, what makes them trust you, what makes them ready to buy? All these questions need to be answered in order create a search marketing campaign that delivers real customers to your site. Once we know the language, then it is time to create the content.


Then We Create and Publish Search Optimized Content

The key to creating great content is building and distributing something that has true value to people. Just throwing some text on a blog page, or posting a Tweet isn't going to do it. So what can you offer people that is truly interesting, helpful, useful, or entertaining? Not sure? That is what we can help you figure out.

In many ways SEO is like public relations (PR). You have to have a story that people want to hear about. If you don't have a story, you need to create one. You'd be surprised at all you can do if you think about it. Maybe you can start a non-profit organization that gives back to the community, maybe you can build an app that is useful to clients, maybe it is hosting user groups on technology related to your industry, or maybe it is through offering sources of education. You get the idea. You have to truly do something!


While Building Your Domain Authority and Building High Quality Links

Once the strategy and content is in play we begin building the clients domain authority by cultivating links from relevant and high quality domains. We work closely with you to create a unique strategy that will help build and sustain the acquisition of links with: professional organizations, universities, chambers of commerce, national media outlets, local media outlets, and other reputable channels.