Creating Memorable & Powerful Brands

Finding your company's identity is what is all about. Every client or business we work with has something that makes them truly unique—it may be in the products they offer, the services they provide, or even in the people themselves. But in every case, there is something powerfully unique, that needs to be brought to the forefront of your customer's mind, that will separate you from all the noise and the competition.

If building a successful brand were easy, everyone would have one. But building a brand is really hard work, and to do it right, it takes a solid strategy, a precise plan and the discipline to carry it out and stick to it.

It also takes access to unique data to understand exactly how you are being seen (or not seen) by your customers. Especially in today's increasingly digital marketplace—how you are viewed online, in search, on mobile, or in social circles is critical to your brands success. It's not just about your logo, your signage, and your colors. It's multi-channel—it's also about Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, YouTube and getting responses from your audience.. It's about print, email marketing, web, video, radio, public relations, and advertising. And most importantly, it is about all of them working together, creating one clear and strategic message, that can cut through and be remembered by your customers.

Partnering with Shaw Creative Group, you know you have an agency that has done this before with success over and over with many companies all around the world. From Florida to Hawaii, where ever you are, we will be in your corner working with your team.

Below are some of the clients that have trusted us to help build their brands and marketing strategy. They are from many different industries including: hospitality, travel, real-estate, dining, entertainment, engineering, science, healthcare, sports, education and publishing. This fantastic range of clients has given us wealth of insight and experience that is here for you to tap into.



Your Logo is the Face of Your Business

Your logo isn't your identity or brand, but is the face of your business. Just like your face, your logo is what people usually see first and it creates that ever-so-important first impression. Is your face strong, subtle, casual, elegant, trustworthy, or exciting? All of this is summed up in that simple, yet infinitely complex mark we call a logo. If your logo draws little or no reaction when people see it, then it is time for a make-over. Think of marketing your business as speed-dating; what do you look like when you sit down at the table across from a potential customer? Are you disheveled, old and worn out? Or are you on top of your game, looking  chic and confident? Call us for a facelift.