ppc-landing-page-design.jpg is an online retailer of security systems with customers in the consumer, business and enterprise space. The challenge facing VideoSurveillance in the PPC program was know what keywords were driving which type of customer. Enterprise customers are more valuable than consumer customers, and they need to be marketed to differently. The solution was to develop a landing page leader that allowed the viewer select what they were interested in first, and then they were presented the appropriate landing page. With a call tracking system and highly customized landing pages was able to establish a very successful PPC campaign. 

so-inbound-link-building.jpg was also faced with building a strong backlink profile to compete in Google's rankings against national competitors like ADT, Office Depot and Best Buy. How does a local business compete against these big boys? The solution was to look to what VideoSurveillance knows best... security cameras, and build a crowd sourced app and website that lets people know exactly where security cameras are located within their city. It started small in downtown Philadelphia, and has since grown to include: Boston, Chicago, Denver, Oakland, Orange County, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Seattle. In every town that has coverage, the media covers it on the news, people talk about it on Facebook and Twitter and the inbound links just pile up.