HUDSON CROSSING - Sarasota Florida


Hudson Crossing is an extremely unique property, located on the Gulf of Mexico, in Sarasota Florida, that needed identity, branding and marketing to attract upscale homebuyers to its new development. The exclusive lifestyle of Hudson Crossing was captured by beautiful photography and the slogan "There Is Only One". The award winning identity package, direct mail, and marketing materials were an instant success, as the development was fully sold before construction was even completed.

In addition to the printed marketing materials, Hudson Crossing also needed a website to help gather leads from potential residents all over the world. The site provide them with detailed information about the property and featured profiles on the surrounding area and lifestyle. A simple and elegant website, with lead generation and automated email marketing was created to round out the entire marketing program.



The Modern Honolulu Hotel in Hawaii was looking to expand it's global presence with upscale clientele and needed new branding and marketing to make it happen. The brand challenge was to create a cosmopolitan style that appealed to potential visitors from many foreign countries, even Japan and China. In addition, the hotel wanted to build its reputation as having an exclusive restaurant, spa, night club, and meeting center, plus being an extrordinary wedding destination. Whether your place is an upscale hotel or corner pub, ShawCreative can help you figure out where to attract others to your location or property.

The marketing and design for the Modern Honolulu included multilingual brochures, direct mailers, keycards, email marketing, and a gorgeous new website which pulled it all together.

THE STUDY  - Honolulu Hawaii

Hidden behind a wall-size revolving book case, is The Study, Modern Honolulu's exclusive night club. As cool as this is, it is easy to see why not even the locals new about it. The Modern Honolulu wanted to get the word out on the island about this amazing club with happy hour and live bands five nights a week. A direct mail campaign and email campaign were created to expose to the community what a treasure was hidden behind the secret bookcase.

THE SPA - Honolulu Hawaii

The Spa at The Modern Honolulu truly needed a facelift. Being out-out-of-the-way and rather small, it was not getting the attention it deserved. In order to create more awareness and demand for The Spa a marketing campaign was launched that extensive email marketing to existing customers, hotel guests, and the local community. Even a private labeled bottled water called "Refresh" was distributed to help build awareness.

MORIMOTO - Waikiki

Morimoto is an upscale asian restaurant in Waikiki that had a chef of the highest caliber, but did not receive the level of local traffic that should be expected. An advertising campaign was created that featured the restaurants greatest assets, the chef, the food, and the amazing indoor and outdoor atmosphere. A members coupon card was designed that awarded guests with VIP treatment and discounted pricing.


Face to face never looked so good at ShawCreative. Whether you are planning an event or marketing a small business get together, we have been working on materials for events and conferences for many years and know how hard it is to pull off the right plan. Come and let us help you plan for your next conference or event.

THE LAKE CLUB - Lakewood Ranch Florida

The Lake Club was a property development in Florida that was in need of homeowners. The area was showcased in an upscale manner on their website and the materials that followed added to the uniqueness of the area. Lakewood Ranch is now a booming community in Florida.